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Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android

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The marquis is part of the wallpaper – I used Mutli-Live Wallpapers (free on market) to make different wallpapers for each screen. (I recently switched to Super Wall Lite, also free, to use panoramic wallpapers than span multiple screens: one master image for each setup, and this app also uses less memory). Date, time, weather condition is Minimalistic Text. Weather picture widget is Fancy Widgets. Battery status is Widgetsoid. SMS Unreadcount for mailbox updates.
Minimalistic Text at top. Widgetsoid for battery. Media Button Shortcuts for music controls. Missed It! for updates.
Custom Clock Pro is well worth the $1 on the market, and gives you infinite possibilities for customizing your clock, including using a custom background.
Minimalistic Text on the notepad, with my notes as an invisible shortcut.
These are mostly Widgetsoid toggles for turning on and off all my common used settings, like WiFi, GPS, etc. Droid Stats showed my remaining minutes on my data plan, and can also show sms and data usage stats.
Media Control Shortcuts on the cassette player. I thought the skype tile was very appropo – so glad I found Fring and Nimbuzz since.

This one I did a while ago – I suppose I’ll need to dust it off and enlarge the tiles for my Triumph’s bigger screen. Check out paulmz’s guide for this great concept over at Phandroid Android Forums for a huge amount of how-to’s and inspiration.

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