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Voted MyColorscreen’s Screen of the Day 09/09/2011

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Minimalistic Text for the pugs’ speech bubbles. SMS Unreadcount modded for the text, sms, and mail indicators on the bottom.
Mort Music Widget for album display and track info. A transparent Simi Folder on the taxi brings up a menu of my navigation, location finder, maps, and other ‘on the go’ apps.
Widgetsoid toggles at the top. Transparent Simi Folders for video chat apps, games, camera, and web browser.

My fave to date: Lichtenstein meets 60′s comics, with some raw edges to add a hand drawn feel. Some images were photos I found that were put through trace, shading, and halftone effects in GIMP. Others are vintage styled black and white Getty Images that I applied color and cel shading to. As you can see, there are a lot of visuals for this theme, but not that many actual widgets needed. Aside from Missed It! on the matching lockscreen, all apps/widgets used were free on the market.

Here is the download for the papers used – please give me credit if you post these :) Download Melissa’s Comic Papers

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  1. Awesome work.

    Can you please explain how to set it up.
    What all preferences and widgets and stuff.


  2. Thanks very much. I will try to get that done for you soon, but it’s mostly just wallpapers with invisible links on top. I will package up the wallpapers for downloading – please post again if you’re not 480×800 for your screen res. :)

  3. I am not 480×800 screen. Would you be able to post a different screen res. Also for the corresponding lock screen? Thanks!

    P.S. I’m a 320 x 480 screen res. type of guy ;)

  4. Publica anuncios gratis para comprar, vender localizar aquello que buscas en Alicante.


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