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Press It Icons V4 are Bigger

Here they are…yet another time! I know, you’re thinking, besides the storm trooper and cookie monster, what’s new? Well, these bad boys are 325 pixels wide…which means that they can be displayed as darn wide as your phone screen. Whoop! Sorry, I have carpal and I drank too much caffeine. Anywho, there are the (almost) original 81 and ten newbs for a total of 91 in this version; check back here or at my XDA icon thread for updates. Requests are welcome!

As you may be able to tell, some changes were made to glyphs – I remade some to be a little more sleek or individualized, and others just weren’t able to keep up with the jumbo resize. There are also some changes to the shadows and other elements that I thought were a big improvement. What’s more, these icons are big enough to use as a Desktop theme – I have been meaning to learn rain meter anyway.

I am more than glad to share my work with fellow Android enthusiasts. However, you MUST redirect download links to my blog, and give me credit when previewing my work. You MAY NOT re-post my files for download on your site. You MAY NOT post my files as QR codes for my files on your site. I need traffic to my blog to cover server costs. If I find enough violations, I will stop making my files available.

Download Press It Icons V4.1R(White Glass) Download Press It Icons V4.2R(Color Glass)(Light Grey) Download Press It Icons V4.3R(Black Glass)







And of course, you are welcome to download the original V4 set, in all their smaller glory.

Download Old Press It Icons V4.1 (White Glass)
Download Old Press It Icons V4.1 (Color Glass)
Download Old Press It Icons V4.1 (Smoky Glass)

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  1. I love the upsized icons! I will send you screenshots when I finish my new setup. Before I can finish, I need the 4.3 colored glass (and their smaller counterparts, please) for Google Search, Google Music, Titanium Backup Pro, File Expert, and Better Battery Stats. There might be a few more…. Do you need me to send you the original icons for these?

    • Glad you like :) I would be glad to those, and yes, it’s much appreciated if you send me some sample icons, since I don’t use all those :) And yes, please, screenies would be wonderful, along with your deets/creds etc.

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