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New Blog Format, Other Site News

I saw the blog on a 1024 resolution display…and almost fainted. It looks terrible! Since I will need to change a lot of coding around anyway, I think I might also jump to a new template theme from Elegant Themes – their Aggregate theme is very nice looking, and may suit the desired layout of my blog better. I will also be implementing…gasp!…some ads, since it was pointed out to me how much extra kibble money I could be earning for the pugs.
So please excuse any bumps on the road to a better look for the site, and suggestions for improvement are welcome.
I also have a request for anyone who subscribes, or any of you who are interested in some of the work I have done. I have been messing with a really neat app called ScreenCast, which allows the user to record their screen and audio – the most practical application would be filming short tutorials for Android. So if anyone has a request for a good first video TUT, please let me know. Thanks!

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