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Reaper Crew MIUI Theme

Finally finished what I would call a mostly complete MIUI theme – inspired by the Sons of Anarchy. I consider this a good working Beta when compared to the full themes that I consulted for completedness and consistency.

What’s themed:
-Launcher: Dock/Hotseat, Page Indicators, Analog clock, both MIUI Music Widgets, Folder Container & Widget, Calendar View, MIUI Global Search, Contact Container
-Icons: 58-ish, plus folder container and an icon background for unthemed icons.
-SMS Interface -Dialer/Incall Interface -MIUI Notes Interface -MIUI Sound Recorder -MIUI Music App -MIUI Torch App
-Lots of IC Menus for many applications, including those that aren’t themed otherwise; popup and toast notifications
-The notification bar background – very plain, since I prefer to use the Extended Mod to have complete transparency with this setup. Without the mod, the launcher has plain jane metal bar along the transparency stat bar, and alternate views are pure black. This will look the same for anyone on MIUI (unless the theme bank changes) EXCEPT for the top bar battery – that’s Extended Settings Mod by Andy
-Notification/Status Bar pull down toggle menu -System Font – Pointedly Mad
-Lockscreen – my version of MIUI has some problems with SMS counts on alternative lock designs, so I left default lockscreen styling with just a few customizations

I am glad to improve upon this as much as possible, but please note that my last version of MIUI for my phone is 1.11.28, and there would seem to be no updates for me on the horizon. That will naturally restrict what I can and can’t do to keep up with MIUI’s changes. Obvious changes, like file names and little things, will be addressed as they are pointed out to me. As this is my first full ROM theme, there will probably be a few inconsistencies: I would greatly appreciate any and all reports of how I can make this better. If you spot weird out-of-place elements, missing IC menus, etc, I would really love you to send me details and if possible a screenshot of the problem so that I might address it a.s.a.p. I am glad to do a few more icons, but please provide a link to the app and the proper name for it (ex: com.android.example.apk) I’m also glad to theme apps/menus on request. However, please not that I am limited on how much time I can devote to theming applications and components.

I hope you use and enjoy as many elements of this as you’d like – hack it apart and use as you wish. However, I will ask that you give me credit for any theme elements you port to your own work, with a permalink to my theme here. There are over 1200 images in this theme, and about 97% of them were made or heavily modded by me and me alone. I’d like credit where it’s due. ;D

Endless thanks to Deviant Art’s Sonarpos, whose layer styles helped achieve all this chrome-y goodness. Thanks to DA’s iAmFreeman for the leather wallpaper.

Thanks to Android Forum’s klown07 for the SOA inspiration, and for getting me familiar with what is now one of my favorite shows.

Special thanks to XDA’s LfcFan1977 for getting me headed in the right direction on nine-patch png’s.

I could not have done this without the wonderful themes of other MIUI artists; without their examples, I would have been completely lost. Thanks to XDA’s davidep85 and his Blue Dado themes; Subtropical Ecology’s designer Specialist Monk; and Sirtagada’s BlueST theme, whose work pushed me to do more than the bare minimum.

I am more than glad to share my work with fellow Android enthusiasts. However, you MUST redirect download links to my blog, and give me credit when previewing my work. You MAY NOT re-post my files for download on your site. You MAY NOT post my files as QR codes for my files on your site. I need traffic to my blog to cover server costs. If I find enough violations, I will stop making my files available.


Download Reaper Crew MIUI Theme

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  1. This is killer. One thing, in Root Explorer and Astro, when you select something is yellow and not red. No big deal though. This is my daily now. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for letting me know :) Will you let me know about any other shortfalls? When I’m done with my new theme (any day) that’s a lighter version of this, I have all the files to copy over to fix that ;) I will post an update here with that and any other requests/fixes

  2. Hi melussapug,tour sons of anarchy theme is fantastic, the download but i have problems to install it con my phone, as you can help me from install pleas


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