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The Room V2 MIUI Lockscreen

Brilliant Android Developer Andy Thomas sent a new manifest code to me, an update to the original lockscreen seen here. Now The Room has weather for your viewing enjoyment, as well as missed SMS/Phone previews. Many thanks to Andy for a fantastic idea and re-working all the code to make this possible. You will need to download 9S-Weather, free on the market, to have the weather details and images show up. Andy also found the breaking news picture, which looks fantastic!

Thanks for the TV set go to Deviant Art’s tomeqq.
Other Credits, same as the original LS:
The flip clock panels, from Chris Banks’ mclock ribbons on Deviant Art
The wood casing from a clock from 365 psd
The wooden shelves from Deviant Art
The CD case from Deviant Art
The speaker insert from Deviant Art
The beige and purple walls from Deviant Art here and here
The base buttons on the music interface from Deviant Art
The image used on the phone picture from Deviant Art
The image used on the text picture from come ancient Google image search
The exposed brick effect from Deviant Art
Patterned wallpaper from Deviant Art

Click on thumbnails for larger views

I am more than glad to share my work with fellow Android enthusiasts. However, you MUST redirect download links to my blog, and give me credit when previewing my work. You MAY NOT re-post my files for download on your site. You MAY NOT post my files as QR codes for my files on your site. I need traffic to my blog to cover server costs. If I find enough violations, I will stop making my files available.

Download The Room V2 MIUI LS Download Various Room Wallpapers



And of course, the original The Room is still available here:

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