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LG Optimus V

LG Optimus V

The LG Optimus V

This site was created by a woman who never thought she’d be happy without the iPhone. I am an Android convert for too many reasons to list here; suffice it to say that I am very happy with my Android: the LG Optimus V. For $25 per month, I enjoy unlimited text, data, and 300 minutes on the entry level Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plan. I’m quite happy with the service, and I love my phone.

One of the reasons I enjoy being an Android user is the ability to customize the appearance of my phone. The LG Optimus V comes loaded with 2.2 Froyo, which gives me access to most apps on the Market. The pre-loaded stock apps are a bit gnarly, but I’m currently too timid to root.

The Pros

  • Bargain price for good service. The Android Forum for the LG Optimus is strewn with complaints about 3G service. I can only be grateful that this doesn’t apply to me.  NO CONTRACT!
  • A great phone at a reasonable price.  This is especially important for those of us who drop our phones on the sidewalk…in the toilet…off a patio…you get the idea. iPhone owners have played with my phone and wondered at how many features I have, on a device that cost a fraction of theirs. Even those who own $500+ Android devices think the Optimus V pretty neat. Currently, Virgin Mobile is selling the unit for $149.99.
  • The 3.2 megapixel camera will take decent photos with a steady hand, in good light.
  • It seems pretty durable. Fingers crossed, I haven’t done something completely clutzy. With an inexpensive case attached at all times, my Optimus still looks new after three months of heavy use. (Just don’t ask what the case looks like. It’s about time for a replacement.)


The Cons

  • Don’t expect the resolution of the latest Droids from other providers. 320 x 480 pixels is a great starting point for a crisp, clear screen, provided your displays are crafted well. I do wish the brightest screen calibration was just a bit brighter. The dimmest setting is perfect for low light conditions, like reading in bed.
  • At 4.47″ x 2.32″ x 0.52″, 3.2″   diagonally, this will just not measure up to the larger Android handsets. Refer to the price tag.
  • The battery falls short of many expectations. It’s certainly a heck of a lot shorter than my iPhone 3G, which I didn’t charge for days at a time with nominal use. Supposedly the Optimus gets 5 hours of talk time: that figure supposes the absence of widgets, running apps, and other sources of potential battery drain, I would bet. But there are tools, tips, and tricks to extend the battery life. More on that in another post. An aside – I wonder if I get less from the battery because I use the device more than I ever did my iPhone.
  • Limited internal memory. Using larger microSD cards than the 2mb included sounds easy enough. But apps that use widgets and the bloatware that comes pre-installed makes running out of room an eventuality, not a possibility. I like to look at this as an opportunity to expand my horizons and root already, but I’m such a chicken with technology I have’t fully grasped. I can make pretty screens, but until I better understand the guts of my Droid, I live with less than the ridiculous number of apps that are otherwise possible.
  • No front facing camera, no flash/LED. Pictures in dim lighting look pretty crappy. Again, price tag.

So if you’re interested in a solid Android price on a no contract plan, check out the LG Optimus V – and use my kickback code xYnudLOt. We will both get 60 free minutes when you use my code as a reference for a top-up.


  1. Hey I have the same phone and I was wondering if you can customize the way that your texts look. I like the way my brother’s is…his comes up in little bubbles; gray for his texts and green for his texting partner’s…I kinda want something like that. If you have any info about this please email me. I will keep Googling for now!! Thanks. =

    • Hi Ashley,
      I’ve had the have the Motorola Triumph for a while now – the OV was my phone before that. I didn’t root while I was using it – I’m aware of the GoLauncher and GoSMS apps being popular for theming the sms interface on non-rooted phones, so you might want to check that out – lots of themes and free on the market. You could also check out ROMS and their theming options if you are rooted for bigger changes to the way everything looks. Hope this helps :)

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