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Motorola Triumph

The Motorola Triumph

The Motorola Triumph

Though I loved the LG Optimus V, I decided to move to the larger screen, higher resolution, and faster processor of the Motorola Triumph.
To read what people think so far, check out the Motorola Triumph thread at Android Forums.

Update 11/3/11: I had TONS of problems  with this phone on stock. For anyone thinking of getting a no-contract Android and not wanting to root, this is not what I would recommend from my own personal experiences. The GPS was virtually non-functioning, the stock apps had tons of issues, and there was plenty of bloatware (though perhaps not as bad as the OV given that the internal memory is so much bigger). Though its performance was somewhat better than my Optimus V, the Triumph left a lot to be desired in the battery life department. There were multiple instances of SD card reading issues, gallery memory hogging, camera instability, and perfectly random reboots that left me wondering if I needed to go back to the OV.

And then, there’s the upside: rooting on this bad boy is a cinch – why I waited so long is now totally lost on me. One click on Gingerbreak was all it took to open up a new world of alternate ROM’s. Thanks to the genius dev’s, people who root the Triumph have a choiceof two very impressive (especially since they’re not from source) ROMS/ports in CM7 and MIUI (Gingerbread OS only).

As of today, I have fairly well decided on MIUI, though not for any reasons other than my liking the UI, menus, and theming options. Performance wise, both ROMS are lightyears ahead of stock. The GPS works! No more meaningless reboots! Mobile data is better than stock! MMS works for both MIUI and CM7! For me, MIUI has all the bells and whistles I could ever imagine needing, and the theming process has been extraordinary to start learning my way around.

Update 4/2/12: Development on the Motorola Triumph is now fairly limited (and not very successful since I last reviewed the phone). MIUI Gingerbread has halted at 1.11.25, meaning a lack of access to many features on the many updates to MIUI since. There are a few snags on that last version as well, including problems with sms notification counts on custom lockscreens and problems uploading media on Facebook.

There is no working ICS build to date – while there are some alpha projects available, none are what I would consider worthy of “daily” use.

I am currently considering jumping carriers and upgrading to another device (I’d like a qHD screen or larger) when finances allow. For anyone wondering, Motorola/Virgin Mobile will almost certainly not be releasing any updates for the Triumph. I have heard that the HTC One V will be made available on VM sometime this summer, though its specs are not a vast improvement (nor is the screen or body build an upgrade).

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