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about melissa

about melissa

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a paralegal and pre-law student living happily with my dude and two pugs in Savannah, Georgia. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I moved farther south a few months ago to enjoy warmer air and lower costs of living.
In the past few months, I’ve expanded my interests to developing my graphic design skills. My canvas of choice: Android.
After years of mindless iPhone idolatry, I picked up an LG Optimus V Android handset to enjoy the lower costs of Virgin Mobile pre-paid wireless service. Since March 2011, I’ve been on a seemingly endless quest to learn more about Android and how to customize it.
Viewing my blog entries, you’ll see that I’ve become quite fond of making new setups for my Android. I’ve jumped to a higher resolution device – the Motorola Triumph – which has given me access to a larger canvas, if you will. I’ve also learned enough to root my device, and am currently enjoying the creature comforts of the MIUI ROM.
One of my other great joys is spreading the magic of Android to other people, and learning from the gifted people in the Android community. On Android Forums, XDA, Deviant Art, and myColorscreen, I’ve been able to demonstrate, along with many other talented individuals, why the Android is the ultimate mode of mobile self-expression. My role as administrator and co-founder of the AAA-Android group on Deviant Art, and my regular participation in Android Forums and XDA Developers with senior membership status, has introduced me to a hobby and passion that I will enjoy forever.
As you can see on the menu, I have written a couple of tutorials for Android customization. I am more than willing to document whatever I can to help – you need only request the tutorial you’d like in the comment form below.
My other interests include Georgia football – GO DAWGS! – the Atlanta Falcons, social networking, digital photography, finding new music to enjoy, and, of course, pugs.
Connect with me on twitter, join AAA-Android on Deviant Art, find me on XDA or Android Forums, or see a collection of my screens on myColorscreen.
Thanks for stopping by, MP

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