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Jelly Fish

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Memories of Cape Cod

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I wanted to use the photos I took from my vacation to Massachusetts for my last setup. Here are the screen shots with details. See below to download wallpapers and relevant preferences. Use the arrows to scroll through the different screens.

Left Right
beachscreen1_melissapugs Minimalistic text with Optifico font (free on market) Various Icons made white – the Noun Project, MetroDroid Desktop Visualizer (free on market) SMS Unreadcount with blue bubbles (regular version with red bubbles is free on the market; the blue version is a modded version from this XDA forum)
beechscreen2_melissapugs Same as first, with Missed It! for the updates on calls, sms, and emails ($0.99 on market) Music Mod for Froyo (free on market)
beachscreen3_melissapugs Pure Calendar (Agenda)
reedslockscreen_melissapugs Lockscreen is customized using WidgetLocker Missed It!, Pure Calendar, and Minimalistic Text again
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